Colmore, easy and comfortable buying!

The concept of Cash & Carry is a buying centre in which retailers, professional users and institutional buyers can buy their own selection from a full range of products we offer.
The term Cash & Carry refers most to this principle; Pay (Cash) for the selected items and transport (Carry) the goods yourself.
All the products are presented in our different showrooms that cover over 2500 m².
This makes it easier for our customers to see how these products interact and how they appear in our showrooms.
We create different atmospheres and present full stories. Small items are on the shelves downstairs where our customers can collect the items themselves.
Bigger furniture pieces can be collected at the warehouse across the street. When you visit us in Venlo and make a selection in the C&C or showrooms our sales team will arrange everything. Even transport will be arranged if needed.
There are also huge benefits when shopping at our C & C, like a special discount when you order over a specific amount: ask our sales team for more info!
Our goal is to make the whole process as easy and comfortable as possible for our customers.