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Sep 24, 2020

Houseplants are the home decor staple that will never go out of style. In this newsletter we’ll give you some tips for styling some stunning plants in an interior.

Fill empty corners with plants
You know that annoying corner in your living room that looks to bare when empty, but too cluttered when you try to fill it? Plants are a great solution for these hard-to-style sections. Try arranging multiple plants at varying heights to give the space depth.

Shelves = Plants
Adding plants to your bookcases, shelves, tabletops and mantles is an effortless way to bring a new energy into your space. Adding little pops of living elements to these sections makes a huge difference.

Invest in stylish planters
Depending upon your personal style, a cohesive planter is a must. No matter what your décor style, planters are an easy way to tie together a space and instantly make it look more professionally put together rather than a random hodgepodge of planters.

Add living elements to each room
We already know plants are good for awkward or unusable spaces. But adding a tall plant in spaces you wouldn’t expect is a popular trick among interior designers. Adding a living element into your space transforms the whole vibe of the room.

And as you may know, our faux-plants look super realistic and give you all the styling benefits without the hassle! You can arrange the leaves according to your style.

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